Follow Us On Twitter


You don’t have to have a twitter account to receive text messages (tweets) from Living Water Ministries.


To “follow” (receive text messages) text:


Living Water Christian Fellowship Church

“follow @LWCFChurch” to the number 40404. This is used to announce a change of an event, cancellation or emergency that would affect everyone.


Living Water Announcements and Events

“follow @LWCFEvents” to the number 40404. This will keep you up to date with current Living Water Events and weekly announcements (it will be like getting a digital bulletin sent to you in text message form).


Acts 29 (College & Young Adult Ministry)

“follow @Acts_TwentyNine to the number 40404. This will keep you up-to-date with current announcements (meeting times, events and schedule changes) concerning our college and young adult ministry.


Living Water Youth (Nitro Youth)

“follow @NitroUth” to the number 40404. This will let you know about any upcoming youth (grades 7th-12th) events, announcements, meeting times or location changes and cancellations.


Living Water Children’s Ministry (KidZone & Momentum)

“follow @KZandMomentum” to the phone number 40404. This will keep you informed on upcoming children’s ministry events, announcements, cancellations and time or location changes.


To “stop” (receiving text messages) text the following to number 40404:

·      “Stop @LWCFChurch”

·      “Stop @LWCFEvents”

·      “Stop @Acts_TwentyNine”

·      “Stop @NitroUth”

·      “Stop @KZandMomentum”


*Depending on what group you would like to stop*