Nitro Structure


Leadershipthere are 13 criteria for high school leadership team and the criteria is available upon request. A criterion for junior high is currently being developed and is mainly character focused.  Selection for leadership is from the current leadership team’s nomination, unanimous vote and with the approval of the Youth Pastor 

  • Current High School Leadership 

  • Current Junior High Leadership 


Internship- high school leaders are offered internship after the summer of their high school graduation and graduation from the leadership team.  They are then able to lead in the junior high ministry as a college student. 


Leadership Model 


High School 

Youth Pastor 

↓ Mentor↓ 

High School leadership team (Sophomore-Senior) 

↓ Mentor↓ 

Underclassmen (Freshman- Sophomore) 

Junior High 

Interns and Youth Pastor 

↓ Mentor↓ 

8th grade leadership team 

↓ Mentor↓ 

7th graders 


Sponsorship- Adults that have a heart for the youth, love the kids, will be a godly example role model in their lives is willing to commit and serve the youth in unity with the vision of youth group and support the leadership in the youth group. 


Parent-ship(close to partnership for a reason) we highly value the input, concerns, encouragement and support of the parents in our youth group.  We meet in our Parents of Youth (P.O.Y.) meetings the first Sunday’s  of  August, OctoberDecember, February and May at 7pm (POY meetings and/or additional meetings dates and times are subject to change pending upcoming events, situations or schedule conflicts)