Meetings, Trips, Events - Nitro


POY Meetings- are meetings with Justin and the parents to update the parents and Justin on the current status of the youth group and youth, of upcoming events and schedules, education, get input for lessons and fellowship with other parents and pray over our youth and youth families 

Small Groups 


Trips and Events- 5th Quarters, Student Lunches, Jr & Sr Lunches, Extracurricular Activities, Ski Trips, Senior Trip, Mission Trips, Six Flags, Lock-in’s and other youth fellowship focused functions  


Questis a rite of passage for juniors going into their senior year of high school. We take these young men on a trip into the mountains and we teach them what authentic godly manhood looks like, the expectations of Godly manhood and life skills and tools that will give them confidence in outdoor situations and life in general.  


The Journey- is for boys going into their 7th grade year.  It is the beginning stage of the Quest and is for helping young boys transition into Junior High and into becoming a godly young man.  


Pursued- is for 8th grade girls going into their 9th grade year.  It is focused on teaching them how to be a godly young lady, how to deal with struggles that a young woman faces, the gift of purity and to be content with just being pursued by God. This is our first Pursued and we are going to kick it off this fall.  


SEACs- Sunday Evening after Church (Youth) - special fellowship events that occur after youth during the summer and special holidays 


Junior/Senior Lunch- Every Tuesday lunch is provided for High School Juniors and Seniors.