Nitro Youth


Nitro- takes small amount to have a huge impact 


Motto- Never Give In - Never Give Up 


Mission statement: to be outwardly focused, create a safe and welcoming environment for students where they will be encouraged and taught to grow in their relationship with God and others through discipleship, accountability, mentorship, leadership and fellowship 


Typical Sunday Night 

Hangout 6-6:15 

Lesson 6:15-7:00 

Small Group 7-7:30 

Hangout 7:30-8pm 


Lessons- based upon the Word of God, open and transparently taught in their language to challenge, rebuke, grow and give the youth hope in their lives. 


Small Groups- divided up into 4 groups- junior high boys and girls and high school boys and girls.  Is a safe place where students can open up and be transparent with one another, discuss the lesson and pray for each other.